Poster Printing Account

In order to print to the poster printer it is necessary to have a poster printer account. This is an account that is independent of any other computer accounts you may have. The printer account is used to record print jobs for printer supply funding purposes.

Note that only faculty and researchers with signature authority on a fund number have these printing accounts. If you are a student or without your own fund numbers you will need to get your faculty adviser or other faculty member/researcher that you are working with to provide you their poster printer account.

If you are faculty or researcher and don't have an account you will need to contact us. Include, in the body of your email, your first and last name, department, and specifically ask for a poster printing account.

Changing your Poster Printing Account password

  1. Using a web browser access the URL You need to be connected to a campus wired network in order to access this site.
  2. If your browser gives you as security exception, accept the security certificate and proceed.
  3. Login to the accounting software with your poster printing account.
  4. Click on the "Change Details" button in the right hand sidebar.
  5. You will be presented with a dialog box to change your password.