Windows 10 Poster Printing

Running the Papercut Software

Note: This software must be running before you attempt to print, the printing task will fail if the client software is not running.

If using the Windows computer in C303, double click on the "pc-client" shortcut on the desktop and skip instructions 1-3.

  1. Select "Computer" from the "Start" menu.
  2. In the address bar at the top of the explorer type: "\\\posterprinter\win" and hit enter/return.
  3. Double click on the "pc-client" icon.
  4. A dialog box may be presented asking you to authenticate, enter your account name and password.
  5. After authentication a small yellow window titled "Balance for <username>" will appear on the desktop.
  6. Do NOT copy the software to your local machine, always run it from the samba share. There are configurations options that change in time and you will not have the correct settings if you run a copy of the software.

Printing your Poster

Note: The instructions below were written using Adobe Acrobat as the printing application. Each application may have different controls used to define paper sizes, scaling, margins, etc. In some applications, you may have to use the application's "Print Setup" or "Page Setup" menu items to define paper size before using the "Print" menu item.

  1. You need to first define a custom form with the correct page size for your poster.
  2. Select the "Windows" menu (the window icon in the lower left corner).
  3. Select "Settings".
  4. Select "Connected Devices".
  5. Select "Devices and printers".
  6. Click on the epsposter printer.
  7. Click on "Print Server Properties".
  8. Select the "Create a new form" check box.
  9. Give the form a new unique name.
  10. Type in the units:
    1. Printer area margins should be set to 0.25in on all sides.
    2. The hp print dialog requires that you declare a width that is narrower than the length (height) so put the longest dimension in the length field.
    3. If the length of your print job is less than 42" and the length (height) is generally greater than the width you can save paper by selecting the "Landscape" option when you go to print.
  11. Click "Save Form".
  12. Click "Okay".
  13. Select your applications print menu.
  14. Select the "epsposter" printer in the "Printer:" field.
  15. If "epsposter" (or the name assigned to the printer when installed) does not appear as a printer selection in the printer dialog box then it has not been installed, see Printer Installation.
  16. Click on the "Properties" button.
  17. Click on the "Paper/Quality" tab.
  18. Select the print quality level that you want.
  19. Click the "Page Setup" button.
  20. For the "Size:" field select the custom print form you defined above.
  21. Select either "Portrait" or "Landscape" if the image preview is not aligned correctly.
  22. If the length of your print job is less than 42" and the length is generally greater than the width you can save paper by selection the "Landscape" option.
  23. Click "Print".

Authenticating and Releasing your print job

Find the instructions for releasing your print job here.