New User Accounts

Obtaining an account

To obtain a new PMC user on our Linux systems please contact us and provide the following information:

  1. Full Name
  2. Faculty Adviser
  3. Current email address (i.e. or another valid email address)
  4. Phone number to be reached at, so that we may provide your password once your account is setup

Note: A PMC account is only needed when accessing resources on the PMC network such as logging into our Linux desktops and accessing existing project directories.

If you are uncertain if you need an account, ask your adviser or reach out to us.

Introduction for new account holders

Updating your password

Once your new account is active you will be contacted by phone, at the number you provided, with your temporary password.

We ask that you please take the time to change this password right away.

To do this read the following instructions:

<page goes here>

* Your adviser can likely provide a preferred machine for you to login to, or you can ssh into our 'public' machine by typing:


in a MacOSX terminal, or by using a Windows ssh client.

Disk space quotas

Depending upon the Linux resources provided by your faculty adviser at the time of account creation, you may have a quota on disk space of 10GB. If you need additional space please contact us. If your faculty adviser has additional machines and disk resources we can move your home directory to one of those machines to provide more space.