Anonymous SFTP Information

Planetary and Marine Computing provides an anonymous SFTP service for faculty, staff and graduate students to use in the departments of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Ocean Science and the Institute for Marine Science. You may use this service to allow colleagues to log in and upload/download files from a publicly accessible area. Do NOT give out your username and password so that a colleague can log in and download files from your home directory, use this anonymous SFTP service instead.

To start, log into using an SFTP client:

  • FileZilla is a free SFTP client for both Windows and Macintosh that is available at:
  • On Linux systems, the command sftp comes along by default when you install SSH.

When logging into, use the username and password provided below:

    • Username: anon
    • Password: ftp4u

Once you are logged in, go to the "pub" directory. You can upload your files to this directory. You can then give the above username and password to your colleagues so they can log in using SFTP and download the files you have just uploaded. They can also, of course, upload files for you to download. NOTE: Files uploaded here will automatically be deleted after 3 days.