HydroSci Samba Server

The HydroSci group has a Samba server that hosts the following data:

To get access to the HydroSci Samba Server please contact us. You will need to provide us with your Linux account username and ask for an account on the HydroSci Samba Server. Your password will be the same as your Linux account password.

Once you have a samba account you can mount the shares on your personal computer system. Below are instructions for Mac OSX, Windows 7 and Linux machines.

Mounting Samba Shares

Mac OS X

This will mount the shared samba directory on your system. If you would like to mount this share automatically each time you login, you can drag the shared mount icon into your Login Items pane within System Preferences > User Accounts > YOURUSERNAME.

Windows 7

This will mount the shared samba directory on your system for easy access.


Note: Setting laptops and other portable machines to automatically mount the samba shares is not recommended since the mounts will fail and complain when you are off the campus network.