Planetary and Marine Computing

Welcome to the Planetary and Marine Computing Website. Planetary and Marine Computing (PMC) is a computing support group that provides local systems support and service to the departments of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Ocean Science, and the Institute of Marine Science.

Planetary and Marine Computing is a member of the PBSci Academic Divisional Computing, the computer and systems support unit for the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences. PBSci Academic Divisional Computing, in turn, is a member of the UCSC campus IT support group, Information Technology Services (ITS). If you need computer related assistance, please contact us via one email addresses below.

  • Please use the email address from the table below corresponding to your department affiliation.
  • You must send email from your email account as the ITS help system will not except requests from non-university sources.
    • You may register alternate addresses in your UCSC campus directory entry that will be accepted (may take up to 24 hours after registration to work)
    • If you do not have a email address please contact your sponsoring faculty or staff member and they may:
  • When requesting help please include:
    • Your Linux username (if reporting a Linux problem)
    • The name of the machine you are working on
    • The room number where the machine is located
  • Use subject lines appropriate to the current problem you are reporting
  • Don't reply to old tickets if you are reporting a new problem

Contact Email Address by department: