Setting up LM_LICENSE for off-campus access

Note: This only needs to be done once

  1. Select "Computer" from the "Start" menu.
  2. From the top menu of the "Computer" browser select "System Properties".
  3. From the left hand menu select "Advanced System Settings".
  4. Click on the "Environment Variables Button..." button.
  5. Select the "LM_LICENSE_FILE" variable and click on the "Edit..." button. If an "LM_LICENSE_FILE" variable does not exist click the "New" button instead to create the variable.
  6. Enter the value ";1700@localhost" (without the quotes) in the "Variable Value:" field and click "OK".
  7. Click "OK" again.
  8. Click "OK" again.

Your LM_LICENSE_FILE variable is now set for remote access.