Mac OS X Poster Printing

Running the Papercut Software

  1. Open the "posterprinter" disk mounted above.
  2. Open the "mac" folder in the "posterprinter" disk.
  3. Double click on the "PCClient" icon in the mac folder.
  4. A dialog box may be presented asking you to authenticate, enter your account name and password.
  5. After authentication a small yellow window titled "Balance for <username>" will appear on the desktop.
  6. Do NOT copy the software to your local machine, always run it from the samba share. There are configurations options that change in time and you will not have the correct settings if you run a copy of the software.

Printing your Poster

Note: The instructions below were written using Adobe Acrobat as the printing application. Each application may have different controls used to define paper sizes, scaling, margins, etc. In some applications, you may have to use the application's "Print Setup" or "Page Setup" menu items to define paper size before using the "Print" menu item.

  1. Select "epsposter" in the "printer" menu tab in the printer dialog.
  2. If "epsposter" does not appear as a printer selection in the printer dialog box then it has not been installed, see "Printer Installation" above.
  3. If the full printer dialog box that includes "Paper Size" is not displayed, click the down arrow to the right of the "Printer:" menu tab and the full dialog box should be expanded.
  4. Select "Manage Custom Sizes" from the "Paper Size" menu tab.
  5. Create and select custom paper size that matches the length and width of your poster (the paper roll is 42" wide, but the poster can as long as necessary).
  6. Click the "Print" button when you are satisfied with your "Paper Size" and other print options.
  7. Note that during the print process it is possible that your macintosh print queue may enter a pause state. If it does, open "System Preferences", select the "Print & Fax" control, open the epsposter printer, and hit the resume button.

Authenticating and Releasing your print job

Find the instructions for releasing your print job here.