EPS and EEB Poster Printing

The poster printing accounting system adds complexity to poster printing that cannot be avoided. It is important that you carefully read and follow the instructions on this page and subsequent linked pages. If you find any errors in these instructions or language that you find unclear or confusing please contact us with details.

The EPS/EEB poster printer is located in room C303 E&MS Building and is available for EPS and EEB department members. The cost for poster printing is $4 per linear foot and will be periodically billed by the EPS department. In order to print to the poster printer you must have a special poster printing account. This is not the same as your Linux or other department accounts. Information on how to this account is provided here.

Drivers and Software

If you are using your own computer, instructions for supported operating systems are listed below:

If you don't want to install the print drivers on your own machine, there are Windows and Macintosh computers with drivers already installed near the poster printer in room E&MS C303. You may print your posters from these computers.

Printing Instructions

If your preferred Operating system is not supported, you can produce a PDF file and then print it from one of the computers in C303 or on another supported computer in the department. The Print to PDF File is an option you can choose from most software by simply selecting print and then choose the PDF option from the print dialog.

Paper Changing and Loading

Please see this page for details on how to change paper rolls or load paper and reprint if the printer runs out of paper.

When things go wrong

    1. If you are having problems with your poster printing account, need to reset your password, or can't remember your login, please email eshelp@acg.ucsc.edu
    2. If your account is OK, but you are having problems with the printer or just need general assistance printing, please email epstech@acg.ucsc.edu (note address is not the same as the one above).
    3. If you need charges refunded, please email eshelp@acg.ucsc.edu and specify the date and time, the username, and the amount you would like refunded. Please also let us know the reason for the refund.